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Natural News 10-26-16… “Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn’t cause brain deformities after all”

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Well, I left off the INTENSE part of the title, but you may read it below. This is a very pointed and direct article by Mike Adams pointing out the “fear promoting” agenda around the Zika virus. Interesting how it … Continue reading

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Lada Ray Futurist Trendcast, 3-15-16… “Zika virus hoax” (Lada Ray’s unpublished post from 2/5 – 2/10/2016)

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This is a portion of Lada Ray’s Brazil color revolution post. Highlights below. “The epicenter of Zika virus, as trumpeted by MSM, is, supposedly, Brazil. When it first began my initial thought was that someone’s trying to sabotage Brazil Olympics, … Continue reading

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Three Articles about Larvacide and Microcephaly (and a caution about not fully reporting things correctly)

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Here’s the deal… although I see data coming out that says that pesticide(s) is very likely a cause of the microcephaly (small head) in infants, the first article title says “Brazil Bans Monsanto Pesticide”. According to the second article, only … Continue reading

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More (than you may want to know) about the Zika… “Did Bill Gates Create The Zika Virus?”, Alex Jones with Jon Rappoport

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Okay, earlier I posted a couple articles by Jon on this same topic, and I’m putting this video out for those who may want to listen to Jon’s explanation of the whole thing, and how the microcephaly is very likely … Continue reading

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Jon Rappoport… Three Articles about the “Zika” (virus (or virus scam), that is)

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Seems like there’s always a “virus” flying around out there every few months or years, that seem to “pop up” out of nowhere. You know it is very likely a “scam” virus if the MSM starts harping on it, again, … Continue reading

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