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ZeroHedge.com 10-27-17… “JFK Release: Second Shooter, UK Tipoff, CIA Media Infiltration, and LBJ Fingered In Coup” (and a Tweet from The Donald)

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These JFK archives are apparently out now (links at end of this article), and Things appear to be really “breaking loose”. Here’s what “The Donald” (well, President “The Donald” (Twitter page)) had to Tweet about it: JFK Files are released, … Continue reading

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A Couple of ZeroHedge “The Russians are NOT Coming” posts

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Looks like the “The Russians did it” (or, “The Russians are Coming“) narrative is not working. Here’s a couple ZeroHedges that point out that it is all falling apart. And about the so-called “Russia hacking”, remember, from this Kp blog … Continue reading

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Deconstructing of THE USA CORP? 1 of 2… Aim4Truth.org / Millennium Report 4-5-17… “Steve Bannon Removed From Trump’s National Security Council”

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Now, basically, all of these political appointee ins and outs I pay almost no attention to. There are always going to be shufflings and kicking outs of people. But my view of this is that whatever the NSC (National Security … Continue reading

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William Craddick, ZeroHedge 2-16-17… “Feds Make Record Gains On Human Trafficking As Global Networks Broken Up”

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For those who may have the view that “nothing good’s happening in this world”, well, this article demonstrates that apparently a lot of positive things have been happening in the arena of human trafficking. It certainly appears that something very … Continue reading

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Tyler Durden ZeroHedge 2-4-17… “The Washington Post Has Declared War On Peacemakers; Dennis Kucinich Rages Against The Military-Industrial-Complex”

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This is another strong indication that the planet is becoming more and more aware of the real situation in Syria, and that THE USA CORP (et al) have been funding ISIS, ISIL, “moderate rebels ( and terrorists)”, “extreme rebels ( … Continue reading

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A “LoL” (Load of Links) about this Recount thing…

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[Kp update: I just saw a short CNN video with Bernie Sanders and added that at the top. Very practical information from Bernie.] I’m not keeping up with this, so I’ve put in several titles and links below, just for … Continue reading

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Jeff Thomas, Internationalman.com… 10-3-16 “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” (via ZeroHedge)

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Very much enjoyed this article by Jeff Thomas, posted at ZeroHedge (although I read the number of things he lists at 7). This apparently was written about “Americans” (namely, USA-ians), but I’m sure could apply to many other people in … Continue reading

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ZeroHedge 10-1-16… “Sept 11 Widow Is First American To Sue Saudi Arabia For Terrorism: Her Full Lawsuit” (with a comment from Bix Weir)

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[Kp note: Posted this yesterday at 2313 HST, and I believe I inadvertently wrote over it when I posted GaiaPortal. So… here it is again.] Although a lot of this appears to be based on the “same old same old” … Continue reading

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ZeroHedge 6-18-16… “Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO: Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO “Warmongering” Against Russia”

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NATO appears to be falling apart. The EU, then NATO… who could ask for more!! “Throughout all of these escalations, the popular narrative spun by the “democratic” media was a simple one: it was Russia that was provoking NATO, not … Continue reading

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ZeroHedge 12-9-15… “Iraq Seeks To Cancel Security Agreement With US, Will Invite Russia To Fight ISIS”

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You mean there really are countries who do not want “the US” (aka, THE USA (et al) CORP) in their own backyards? Especially when they are uninvited? “Most Iraqis, be they civilians, military personnel, or government officials, do not trust … Continue reading

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