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William Mount 7-13-17… “Comey & Friends Now Ratting Out Their Buddies”

https://youtu.be/AxzZboisJcA . I’m posting this in part because it explains why some of the key “dark players” may not be reported as being arrested. That’s because they are “singing”… about various aspects of the whole cabal operation. William Mount is … Continue reading

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A Natural News article and a Video about the Paris Accords… for information only…

Wanted to post before I leave on a SOOM (“Something Or Other Mission”). The more I view (and “sense”) about this, it appears to be a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” kind of a deal. The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE … Continue reading

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Deconstructing of THE USA CORP? 2 of 2… 4-4-17… “Trump Defunds the Agency responsible for Implementing the… Population Control Agenda of the United Nations” (plus a VIDEO by Dr. William Mount)

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In this case, I found the article below via a web search after I watched the video, so I place the video first (listen to the first 3 minutes to get the gist). The cabal types, as I understand it, … Continue reading

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Okay, here we go… Three (3) Videos with potentially Hot and Breaking Intel (and which I personally I cannot absolutely validate…)

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…but they feel rather “right on”, so here they are. Two with Kent Dunn and one from William Mount. I’m putting these out there because I “got the inner message” to do so. Yes, some of these may seem a … Continue reading

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