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Jordan Sather 2-14-19… “I just interviewed with the Washington Post about Q” (and Q post 2715, where he’s mentioned!!)

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I listened to part of this today. I’m very glad Jordan is putting the Q word out from his viewpoint, to the Washington Post (owned by Bezos/Amazon, who/which in turn is a CIA asset and arm of the deep state. … Continue reading

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#Q #QAnon 12-20-18, post 2639… “Q used an image that appears to be ‘made up'”

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[Kp update: a bit more data may be found in the following Kp blog post. I’m through with this.] Yes, I’m sure many are convinced that the msm is largely about either “fake news” or “pushing a deep state agenda” … Continue reading

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How many of us were anti-TPP? Well look at these two articles… RT 1-23-17, “Trump signs executive order withdrawing US from TPP”, and WaPo, “Sanders, joined by Rust Belt Democrats, praises Trump for nixing TPP”

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This is definitely big news for many people. As I understood it, things like TTP and TTIP and NAFTA were often viewed as “sell outs” to the multinational corporations. Things are already changing, baby!! Trump signs executive order withdrawing US … Continue reading

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A Couple of Natural News (12-10-15, 12-15-16) about “The Russian Hacks”

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The whole “Russian hacking the election” deal appears to be falling apart. I’ve also seen one video that purports several MSM type media, including Washington Post, have retracted their original “Russia hacked election” articles… as yet I’ve been unable to … Continue reading

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Two “Fake News/PropOrNot” related articles… “PropOrNot: Evidence of a CIA Psy…Op…” & “The Anonymous Blacklist… Has Apparent Ties to Ukrainian Fascism and CIA Spying”

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These articles are somewhat similar, and they point out how PropOrNot has the hallmarks of a CIA psyop, and appears to be related to Ukrainian anti-Russia fascists. I’ve only highlighted a few points. The second article is quite long, and … Continue reading

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Mike Adams, Natural News 12-7-16… “Washington Post now admits its “fake news” story relied on… get this… a FAKE news source”

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Look at this… it appears the Post has found that the best way to get a “fake news sites” list, is from a “fake news” source. Something is definitely funny here. And with all the rest of the exposures of … Continue reading

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Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca 9-8-16… “Fabricated Claims About Russian “Covert Plot” to Disrupt US Elections”

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This one appeared at Galactic Connection. I’d heard about this before, and presumably most are now awake enough to recognize that the “Russia did it” theme is a tired cabal-media-directed deal… likely with no evidence to support it. “Hillary is … Continue reading

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