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Another “Curiosity” about the 9-27-18 Hearings… Michael Snyder, PrisonPlanet.com 9-28-18… “The Arch Of Baal Was Put Up In Washington D.C. One Day Before Brett Kavanaugh Testified To Congress”

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Well, this whole show just keeps getting more and more amazing. Just found this via RMN. This article is from PrisonPlanet.com. And it is certainly another “curiosity” that can go along with other “curiosities”, which were pointed out in this … Continue reading

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Tracy Beanz meets the President and Melania after her “March for Transparency” event, Washington D.C., 4-7-18…

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Tracy Beanz, who organized a “March for Transparency” in DC held yesterday, was at Trump Tower post-event, and got to meet President Trump and Malia. I watch this Periscope video, which is time-stamped to take it directly to where DJT … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford 9-19-17… “Urgent questions from a political prisoner” [re: Leo Wanta, the DC ‘clone’ situation, Preston James]

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Another short Q&A piece from Benjamin. For those interested, there is a recent article by Preston regarding Leo Wanta (I’ve yet to read that one). “…I have heard of Mr. Wanta. He is not about to get his money. Instead … Continue reading

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Is there a “+” thing Happening in DC? 2 of 2… “House effort would completely dismantle Patriot Act”

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Well this certainly looks like something many would enjoy. From The Hill. “The bill would completely repeal the Patriot Act, the sweeping national security law passed in the days after Sept. 11, 2001, as well as the 2008 FISA Amendments … Continue reading

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Is there a “+” thing Happening in DC? 1 of 2… “Washington ‘shifts tone’ towards China-led infrastructure bank”

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Found this at The Event Chronicle. Any shift in DC like this one must mean something positive is going on behind the scenes. ———————————————————— Washington ‘shifts tone’ towards China-led infrastructure bank (RT) The International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the Asian … Continue reading

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Synchronicity, or What??… from Dr. Dan Mathews, “Blessing done while Dan was in DC [August 2013]”

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Thanks to Tracy who sent this along to me about Dr. Dan Mathews trip to Washington DC. Here is the link to his blog post. http://holydivinehealing.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/blessing-done-while-dan-was-in-dc/ And a link to the recording he made about this. https://soundcloud.com/drdanhdh/drdan-washdc-blessing-08-2013 Now what is … Continue reading

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