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Big Island Video News 1-8-16… “VIDEO: Another Explosion At Kilauea Summit Lava Lake” [and what all this means]

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This apparently has happened three times in the past week, just after the 1-1-16. The last time I was at Kīlauea, on 12-25-15 (well, it might have been the prior trip… anyway…), I strongly sensed that the collapsing of the … Continue reading

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Synchronicity, Anyone? Mt. Etna Erupts Shortly after the Hawaii Supreme Court Mauna Kea TMT Decision!!

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Synchronicity, anyone? “…the eruption on Mt. Etna volcano occurred just 3-4 hours after the Hawaii Supreme Court decision about protecting Mauna Kea volcano” I feel this eruption, which reportedly occurred 12-3-15 (Sicily Time) is connected, intimately, with what occurred here, … Continue reading

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Dutchsinse 5-10-15… “5/10/2015 — Past 10 days of activity globally — forecast area recap from the past week — ACCURACY CHECK”

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[Holy Crap Update: I forgot the entire article except the title, so it has now been added in. TONNES of videos in this one.] This goes along with the last post. The video is from 5-11-15, and describes what’s happening … Continue reading

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