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(One more) Twitter Thread from “Clandestine”, 6-20-19… “Sun Tzu… [is] the key to understanding how Trump operates”

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So here’s another Twitter thread from Clandestine, and I guess I just like what he/she puts together. And the points placed here synchronize with what I feel (deeply “sense”) Trump AND The Alliance is up to. Another set of “data … Continue reading

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Twitter Thread from “Clandestine”, 6-14-19… “Trump is the face of a faction within in the US military who has taken control from the corrupt politicians. That’s what you’re witnessing.”

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This thread came to my attention from somewhere, and as I read through it, it connected very well with what we have been hearing all along, from people like Jerome Corsi, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Michael Salla, et al. (this … Continue reading

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Holy Crap!!! #QAnon (#Q) has referenced a video THREE times that has a UFO at 1:11!!! (Thanks to Solaris Modalis! (4-12-18))

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At some point, I saw this video, and as it looked like just a “Go, Go, US military, Go” type presentation, I didn’t pay any detailed attention to this. But Solaris Modalis emailed me about it, and now I’m seeing … Continue reading

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“Now, the US CORP Military would never lie, right?” Sputnik News 11-21-15… “US Media Shows Footage of Russian Airstrikes Passed Off as American “

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This was also posted at VT, here, but I originally had seen this at Sputnik. This does show how the US Military Industrial Pharmaceutical Educational “Media”-tionial Corporation complex likes to mess around with things. I captured a screen shot, at … Continue reading

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RT 11-18-14… “Okinawans sick and tired of US military presence”

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Found this on a FaceBook news feed, and it certainly resonates with what many in the Kingdom of Hawai’i have felt, and known, for over 120 years. It also gives a glimpse into how much (not all) of the military … Continue reading

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