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The Growing Diversity in the U.S. Congress (at least on the D side!)

https://youtu.be/1-0xXmW7bqg This short video illustrates the increased diversity (cultural, racial, etc.) in the new U.S. Congress, and the contrast with the R party. Although that depends on when you viewed the groups (D & R).

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Spontaneous Protesting at the Kavanaugh hearing? Guess again… Visual Evidence of Protestor being paid by a Soros-funded group

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All part of the circus. I’m well aware that George Soros, via various “social justice” (etc.) organizations, funds people to “protest”. I’m sure there are other articles about this, but this one by David Harris, Jr., sums it up directly, … Continue reading

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Two Hilarious Videos showing the “Dissolving” of the Deep State (many of whom carry the label, “Democrat”)”

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Currently there is a grand exposure (apocalypse) going on of those who are standing in the way of the “take down” of the so-called “Deep State”. Apocalypses abound, and all contradictions are being pointed out. Remember that all are playing … Continue reading

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A Reverse Speech of a segment of Kp Radio Hawaii 3-3-17… (“Staying Aligned with that ‘Light Essence’ thing”)

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Well, I had a bit of fun with last night’s Kp Radio Hawai’i show, and downloaded and reversed the audio. At about 8:30 I was talking about the Democrat Congresswomen in the audience at the Trump 2-28-17 address. I was … Continue reading

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Just in case you hadn’t heard… 1-6-17… “U.S. Congress certifies Trump’s Electoral College victory” (3 articles)

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Well, despite many who were pointing to the possibility that the Electoral College results would somehow not be certified by Congress, they were. There were some objections to state tallies, some of course said “Russia hacked it”, I’m sure it’s … Continue reading

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Bill Palmer, Daily News Bin 1-1-16… “President Obama catches Netanyahu bribing republican congressmen to change their Iran votes”

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Quite related to this Kp blog posting, this article also points out how wiretapping can be used to detect and prove that a number of US congress people have essentially committed treason by accepting favors from a foreign entity (namely, … Continue reading

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Veterans Today 2-9-15… “Abe Foxman Calls on Benjamin Netanyahu To Scrap Speech to GOP”

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Well, it had to happen… once you reach the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you’re finished. Time to get out. So we’ll see what happens with all this. In the meantime, below is the only YouTube video I’ve found that … Continue reading

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A Turning of the Tide? PressTV 2-4-15… “US Democrats threaten NOT to attend Netanyahu’s Congress speech”

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Something is playing out here. Certainly many of these Congress people are hearing from their constituents (or at least their own inner conscience) about Mr. Netanyahu appearing in Congress on March 3. We shall see how many attendees are there. … Continue reading

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