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Deleted the “Urgent message” from Kent Dunn… Now here’s Tiffany…

Tiffany found some incongruent reversals in that message. I’m not able to function well enough to do any advanced posting right now, so please click that link above.

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Tiffany Fontenot 5-11-17… “Reverse Speech Analysis… of Bill Ryan Accusations of Corey Goode”

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Some may be interested in Tiffany’s RS analysis of the Bill Ryan comments about Corey Goode. From my view, she’s hit it right on. And in my view, it’s time for us to “move on” from this. And it continues … Continue reading

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Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of [Justin] Trudeau Answering Carbon Tax Question… (4-13-17) (or, “A Whole lot of ugly in a Good Looking wrapper”) (or, “It’s aboot time this PM gets exposed, eh?”)

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I saw the title of this Guardian article somewhere (“Stop swooning over Justin Trudeau. The man is a disaster for the planet“), and then I recalled that Tiffany Fontenot had also done an extensive reverse speech analysis of Justin Trudeau, … Continue reading

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Tiffany Fontenot on David Oates Reverse Speech Show, 1-27-17… “Speech Reversals on John Kerry, Antarctica, & P—-gate”

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I’m finding that these reverse speech analyses by Tiffany Fontenot are extremely unveiling. In this show, she covers several topics of interest, and analyses of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and someone named “JP” (can you guess who that might be?). … Continue reading

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Tiffany Fontenot 1-7-17… “Reverse Speech Analysis of WORLD’S-WORST-CRISIS-ACTORS” (or, “Sometimes you have to ‘Throw it in Reverse’ to get the truth!”)

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You know, I’ve been getting an occasional message or two (e.g., from Corey Goode and couple others) about this “Reverse Speech Analysis” of various people’s speech. And I must say, it is fascinating! Tiffany’s audioBoom homepage has a number of … Continue reading

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