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Mauna Kea TMT BLNR Contested Case Final Argument videos, 9-20-17

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I’ve been watching a few of these in the last couple days, and felt the desire to place them here for others to get a flavor for what is happening regarding the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) situation. Here is a … Continue reading

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Standing Rock update 2 of 2… Honolulu Civil Beat 12-6-16… “[US Rep. Tulsi] Gabbard Faced Tough Questions In Dakota About Hawaiian Issues”

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Here is another major turning point, and awakening point, for humanity, and the Kingdom of Hawai’i. She is one of the few “governmental” people that I’ve heard that expressed some hope that the TMT issue and Native Hawaiian voices would … Continue reading

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Related to Mauna Kea and the TMT… Kingdom of Hawai’i blog, “Lanny Sinkin, 11-14-16… “The Faith and the Telescope at the Hawai’i Supreme Court””

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This is self-explanatory, as described below. Lanny Sinkin is representing the Temple of Lono, and as I understand it, is trying to demonstrate that the Hawaiian faith is still practiced on the islands, and is as valid as all other … Continue reading

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And what’s going on with that Mauna a Wākea telescope business? HPR.org 11-8-16… “TMT Case Heads to Hawaii Supreme Court for Second Time”

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I’ve not posted much about the Mauna Kea TMT business since the construction permit was voided by the Hawaii Supreme Court, but there has been activity. A contested case hearing was arranged, a mediator “judge” (retired judge) with ties to … Continue reading

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