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Related to Mauna Kea and the TMT… Kingdom of Hawai’i blog, “Lanny Sinkin, 11-14-16… “The Faith and the Telescope at the Hawai’i Supreme Court””

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This is self-explanatory, as described below. Lanny Sinkin is representing the Temple of Lono, and as I understand it, is trying to demonstrate that the Hawaiian faith is still practiced on the islands, and is as valid as all other … Continue reading

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From Kingdom of Hawai’i Blog, 4-11-15… Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin 4-9-15, “Cover Letter for ‘Temple of Lono'”

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Many of us who consciously align with and live in harmony with the energies of this planet, and who “sense” messages from this planet, the animals, birds, etc., can likely relate to what is expressed here. [from “Temple of Lono” … Continue reading

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