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Dr. Jerome Corsi 3-4-18… “Jerome Corsi Live Stream” (covering recent Q postings) #InternetBillofRights

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[Kp update 2: once again the original was taken down and put up at Info Wars News. Links have been updated.] [Kp update: He also mentions (at 44:44, no less) that we have reached a “turning point”, just as I … Continue reading

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If you want to get “Charged Up”, this Alex Jones may be for you…

I watched this last night, and tuned in with his energy about “things really happening”. I’m sure many are feeling this right now (caveat: a rare f-word may be present). . https://youtu.be/Y6NretLhLW8

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Those videos I was speaking about in the 6-10-17 LIVE YouTube (just finished)…

One of them is here in this post. The one I viewed most recently is below. And it’s a John B. Wells (I didn’t recall his name during the broadcast). . https://youtu.be/72t5wDZOZq8 Published on Jun 6, 2017 Episode 751 – … Continue reading

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George Webb and Rebekah Roth… “Two of the Unveilers and Unravelers of the Seth Rich, Clinton Foundation, et al., deals”

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Okay, I’m posting two videos here. As far as “the unraveling” (of the “cabal”, “dark ones”, etc., agendas), these two seem to be on the front lines. George Webb has been mentioned from time to time by Jordan Sather, and … Continue reading

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Jim Stone 5-29-17… “The answer to why Seth Rich was killed, and why he gave to Wikileaks is now out”

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This explains a lot of things about “the election”, both the DNC primary, and in the Presidential election. Though Trump won the required number of electoral votes, I was very surprised that he “fell short” of HRC in the popular … Continue reading

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