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Operation Disclosure 9-22-19… “RV/Intelligence Alert: ‘Gradual'” (“The Republic is being gradually restored”)

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Some may have an interest in this. Basically there is no way to validate this, but somehow I have “sensed” for some time, that these things (or something like them) are likely going on behind the visible scenes. Feel free … Continue reading

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Two videos I found fascinating… and an RV/Intelligence Alert article, 7-8-19… “The endgame has begun… The restoration of the Republic is now in motion”

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Okay, I’m posting the (very short, 3 minute) videos first, and leave the article after them, for those who wish to read it. I often read articles from this page, and even though many appear to be “inside sources” and … Continue reading

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“‘Stuff’ that may be going on (but wth* can ‘prove’ it) but in any event it sounds ‘great’ if it is” (1-13-19)

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[Note: *wth = what the h—.] I see these things (and I get sent these things) all the time. Usually, I read them, and set them aside, and never post them. But I decided to post a couple of these … Continue reading

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VIDEO LINK UPDATED… Tolec, Andromeda Council VIDEO 4-19-18… “Deep Disclosure, Segment 4, ‘THE TIME IS NOW’

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[Kp note: the video had to be altered for one reason or other, so here is the new link: https://youtu.be/bSuNY4gUiko. All links in this post have been updated.] I’m listening to this now, and I’m sure all will use Higher … Continue reading

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Operation Disclosure 3-11-18… “RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – March 11, 2018”

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Usually I refrain from posting any RV related posts, but in this case, I’ve seen this data appear several times recently. Since it resonated strongly, I felt it was worth posting here. As always, Higher Discernment is advised. This was … Continue reading

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Kp Radio Hawaii 2-24-18… “Enter the Dragon… Within”

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Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2018/02/24/kp-radio-hawaii-2-24-18-enter-the-dragon-within Talked about (among other things): Strongly recommend the latest Tolec video. We are finding our mission objectives. Finding our mission(s). Entire interview rang true. This is a process. The RV is also a process. First part is … Continue reading

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A Couple of RV Intel type articles from 10-21-17 (that may actually be ______ (fill in the blank)) (and an opportunity to practice “Higher Discernment)…

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I occasionally receive links to and/or articles about the potential RV. And occasionally I read them. I am keeping an open mind on all of the things mentioned here, as I do with all of the “RV type” articles I … Continue reading

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About this “RV deal”… (and sort of a Poofness, sort of a IDC, sort of a Steve Beckow at GAoG)…

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Quite some time ago, after buying a bit of this, a bit of that, currency-wise (and that could mean any one of, or any combination of, IqDs, Iranian so and so’s, VNDs, Indonesian/ Malaysian/ Antarctican whatevers), it became very clear … Continue reading

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Donald Trump 2-10-17, Message regarding currencies… “Very much sooner than [many] think… We will be all at a level playing field”

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It appears that this was more pointed towards Asian currencies, but it may very well be related to what many feel is going to happen, namely, a GCR (Global Currency Reset) and/or the (in)famous, RV (ReValuation) of certain currencies. I … Continue reading

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Message about the GCR, RV, Reset (and whatever else “world financial stuff” you might throw out there), from a “Goat”…

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Usually I will not post these types of articles, but I found this (emailed to me by Ginger) very helpful, about the entire process involved. Supposedly Ms. Mtn. Goat has some expertise and experience in this arena. At least, from … Continue reading

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