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RMN / 8chan… “Is JFK Jr. alive, and collaborating with Trump?…” (#JFKJr #Trump #Q, #QAnon)

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I’d seen this “pop up” several days ago, and when I saw it, something about it “rang” within me. I’m posting the text of an 8chan post where it is posted (even though I believe this is more recent than … Continue reading

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Dquixote1217, RMN 3-17-18… “Buckle Up – It’s About to Get Real!”

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This one was sent to me by someone, and I feel it is right on the mark. It has started, and the wave is getting higher and higher, so be prepared, inner-wise, to start riding this massive wave of apocalypse … Continue reading

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ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!!… Kent Heckenlively, JD, BolenReport.com 1-20-18… “President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates” (and the related HHS press release)

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Wow… This one showed up at RMN, and as I read it, it occurred to me that this appears to be a wonderful “freedomizer” for those who choose to be sovereign over their own bodies (and their childrens’) regarding vaccines, … Continue reading

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MrFusion RMN 1-9-18… “MegaAnon from last night and this morning”

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There may be some data here a few may be interested in. Honestly, I’m posting it because I had fun reading it! (I also find that reading these helps me clearly understand that following these “chan boards”, etc., are not … Continue reading

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MrFusion, RMN 1-7-18… “MegaAnon on 4chan last night. Evidence that Q was established by ShareBlue to larp against MegaAnon”

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There were a few points, which I’ve highlighted, that “stuck out” for myself in this one. This connects also with this prior Kp blog post with TracyBeanz interviewing Jerome Corsi, about all of the Q stuff, the LARPing, etc. The … Continue reading

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The Orlando False Flag of 6-12-16… How Many Articles can there be?

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I’ve assembled a few (of the surely thousands) of articles that have been written about this. Absolutely no doubt (in my mind) that it was a false flag all the way. It is a sign of desperation of the cabal. … Continue reading

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A Letter from Jerzy Babkowski (ZAP) 5-15-16… All for the Sake of Helping Humanity… (about the OITC, world financial stuff, gold, the RV thing, etc.)

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I just saw this at RMN, and I actually read this whole letter. It is from Jerzy Babkowski (aka ZAP), and it is an excellent overview, in my (over) view, of the entire “helping Humanity” operation we are currently in … Continue reading

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Breaking News… “RMN has been attacked — ALL posts have been deleted”

[Kp Note: as of this moment (1626 HST) some posts are back up online. Thanks to Cyndi for alerting me to this. This is a time when I feel it will be helpful for sending Light and Love to all … Continue reading

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