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Three Videos I’ve viewed in the last 24 hours which may interest a few… Robert David Steele, Charles Ortel, and Peri and Kent…

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So these go from the surface level things going on, all the way to what’s happening Galactically. No doubt these are indicating major “stuff” is continuing. And I had no “sense” what image to use, so I chose two kitties. … Continue reading

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Destroying the Illusion VIDEO 9-13-17… “Interview with ex-CIA Robert David Steele & Fmr Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG so far”

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I found this a very well done interview. Short and sweet, excellent questions by Jordan. And if you look at some of the comments, you can tell he’s “drawn out the trolls”. Great job, Jordan! . https://youtu.be/KXW0hS3aOjA Published on Sep … Continue reading

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Jordan Sather VIDEO 6-5-17… “Interview w/ ex-CIA Robert David Steele – #UNRIG, Suppressed Technologies, & How Trump Can Win”

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I’m listening/watching now. So far, I’m into it, baby! And I know Jordan has accepted and is asking questions from viewers of his YT channel, his FB page, etc. (and support Jordan here or here (PP), if you feel drawn). … Continue reading

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Victurus Libertas 4-30-17… “EXCLUSIVE Robert David Steele ‘Weekly State of the Union Address’ Pilot – Feedback Requested”

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Well, it appears VL is going to have a weekly state of union report, just as Louisa and Kent are doing their own weekly POTUS report. I like this idea, and intend to support it because of the information it … Continue reading

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4-11-17… Ep. 639 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Robert David Steele : LIVE

As I am technically incommunicado and incognito (for the most part), I’m not paying much attention to anything, except what Ginger and BP have sent. This is via Ginger. I listened to just the first 5 minutes (which starts at … Continue reading

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Hold the Light FOR Syria and Hold Syria IN the Light, 5 of 3 (ok, 5 of ?)… “ANOTHER whole LOAD of Videos about the Syria situation”… Bix Weir, Steve Pieczenik, Robert David Steele

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Here are three more videos which have “entertained” today. Thanks to the many viewers who have sent suggestions to me (very grateful for those). Of these three, I found the Bix Weir one to be the most “mind opening”, which … Continue reading

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Excellent Summary… “EX CIA Robert David Steele 5 Minute Teaser On The State Of The Trump Admin” (plus FULL INTERVIEW)

https://youtu.be/PaScCoY84pM Note: the 55 minute interview is here (posted below). . https://youtu.be/YNtsQmwas5k

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From Victurus Libertas, 4-3-17… “Ex-CIA Robert David Steele In Oslo – McCain, Graham, Rubio and Schumer Are All Being Blackmailed” (and a “Holy Crap exposure” of the theft (and expected return) of the Kingdom of Hawai’i (YES!!!!!!!!!!))

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[Kp update 2: After the US presidential election was finished, I immediately “got” that one reason Donald Trump was elected is that it would lead to an initiation of processes to a) “drain the DC swamp” (whatever exactly that means), … Continue reading

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Robert David Steele interviewed by “Two-Stones”… “Sacha Stone” and “Sean Stone”

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The first video (with Sacha Stone) I thought was an excellent, well-edited video summary of the major points Robert David Steele has been making about the current situation in the US government. Short and very “to the point”. The second … Continue reading

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Robert David Steele 2-27-17 interview with Victurus Libertas

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Very much align with many of the ideas Mr. Steele, just in the first 10 minutes of part 1. A debt jubilee, APT (automatic payment tax) which would eliminate income tax, and the idea of bringing in people like Ron … Continue reading

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Two Viewpoints (one 3D & one Multi-D) of the planetary “Trump Situation”, from Robert David Steele and Magenta Pixie

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Robert David Steele is an ex-CIA Clandestine Service officer, and Magenta Pixie is a Lightworker, channeler of “The Nine”, and who knows what else!! I found these videos and their information very illuminating, and I felt I must post them … Continue reading

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