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Jordan Sather VIDEO 6-5-17… “Interview w/ ex-CIA Robert David Steele – #UNRIG, Suppressed Technologies, & How Trump Can Win”

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I’m listening/watching now. So far, I’m into it, baby! And I know Jordan has accepted and is asking questions from viewers of his YT channel, his FB page, etc. (and support Jordan here or here (PP), if you feel drawn). … Continue reading

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Victurus Libertas 4-30-17… “EXCLUSIVE Robert David Steele ‘Weekly State of the Union Address’ Pilot – Feedback Requested”

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Well, it appears VL is going to have a weekly state of union report, just as Louisa and Kent are doing their own weekly POTUS report. I like this idea, and intend to support it because of the information it … Continue reading

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4-11-17… Ep. 639 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Robert David Steele : LIVE

As I am technically incommunicado and incognito (for the most part), I’m not paying much attention to anything, except what Ginger and BP have sent. This is via Ginger. I listened to just the first 5 minutes (which starts at … Continue reading

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Hold the Light FOR Syria and Hold Syria IN the Light, 5 of 3 (ok, 5 of ?)… “ANOTHER whole LOAD of Videos about the Syria situation”… Bix Weir, Steve Pieczenik, Robert David Steele

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Here are three more videos which have “entertained” today. Thanks to the many viewers who have sent suggestions to me (very grateful for those). Of these three, I found the Bix Weir one to be the most “mind opening”, which … Continue reading

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Excellent Summary… “EX CIA Robert David Steele 5 Minute Teaser On The State Of The Trump Admin” (plus FULL INTERVIEW)

https://youtu.be/PaScCoY84pM Note: the 55 minute interview is here (posted below). . https://youtu.be/YNtsQmwas5k

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From Victurus Libertas, 4-3-17… “Ex-CIA Robert David Steele In Oslo – McCain, Graham, Rubio and Schumer Are All Being Blackmailed” (and a “Holy Crap exposure” of the theft (and expected return) of the Kingdom of Hawai’i (YES!!!!!!!!!!))

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[Kp update 2: After the US presidential election was finished, I immediately “got” that one reason Donald Trump was elected is that it would lead to an initiation of processes to a) “drain the DC swamp” (whatever exactly that means), … Continue reading

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Robert David Steele interviewed by “Two-Stones”… “Sacha Stone” and “Sean Stone”

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The first video (with Sacha Stone) I thought was an excellent, well-edited video summary of the major points Robert David Steele has been making about the current situation in the US government. Short and very “to the point”. The second … Continue reading

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Robert David Steele 2-27-17 interview with Victurus Libertas

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Very much align with many of the ideas Mr. Steele, just in the first 10 minutes of part 1. A debt jubilee, APT (automatic payment tax) which would eliminate income tax, and the idea of bringing in people like Ron … Continue reading

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Two Viewpoints (one 3D & one Multi-D) of the planetary “Trump Situation”, from Robert David Steele and Magenta Pixie

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Robert David Steele is an ex-CIA Clandestine Service officer, and Magenta Pixie is a Lightworker, channeler of “The Nine”, and who knows what else!! I found these videos and their information very illuminating, and I felt I must post them … Continue reading

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