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The GoldFish Report No .104 [7-1-17], Guest Tiffany Fontenot Explains Reverse Speech Analysis

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[Note: Links on this post do not work. Please go to the video description to get them.] On The GoldFish Report No. 104, Guest Tiffany Fontenot joins The GoldFish Report team to discuss Reverse Speech Analysis. Tiffany shares examples and … Continue reading

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Statement by Donald Trump on Syria, 4-6-17… “Kp’s Reverse Speech findings”

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[Kp update: thx to RC who got this for the middle one, which I agree with: “Who else is awake…”][Other suggestions from readers are highlighted in red.] Okay… I may not be a David Oates or a Tiffany Fontenot, but … Continue reading

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David Oates Reverse Speech Show 3-31-17… “Anniversary of the Beginnings of Reverse Speech”

https://youtu.be/5kuwgkpppok If you only listen to the first 10 minutes or so of this one, you’ll get an idea about how David Oates and friend discovered messages in reverse speech. First one, Neil Armstrong. He also goes through a few … Continue reading

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A Reverse Speech of a segment of Kp Radio Hawaii 3-3-17… (“Staying Aligned with that ‘Light Essence’ thing”)

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Well, I had a bit of fun with last night’s Kp Radio Hawai’i show, and downloaded and reversed the audio. At about 8:30 I was talking about the Democrat Congresswomen in the audience at the Trump 2-28-17 address. I was … Continue reading

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David Oates… Three Reverse Speeches for your consideration…

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Okay… I’m fascinated by the data that reverse speech (RS) provides. I’ve posted a couple of these before, from Tiffany Fontenot (also Tifvision.wordpress.com) and David Oates (also DavidOates.com). These are from David Oates. The first two are quite short, and … Continue reading

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David Oates on “The Edge Radio” 1-29-17… “Reverse Speech Analysis of Lots of people, including Trump, Hillary, et al”

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[Kp note: personally, I do not align with the apparent attitudes of the interviewer, who seems to have a fairly strong “Christian oriented” and sometimes, to my view, very staid attitudes about certain things (like sexual expression, etc., etc.). “The … Continue reading

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