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The Jimmy Dore Show 1-4-19… Two videos illustrating “The msm Loves War” and “Elizabeth Warren sounds a lot like Trump” (when it comes to Syria)

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I occasionally see one of these shows, and they point out inconsistencies, etc., in a “fun” kind of way. Both msm-ers (CNN’s Jake Tapper and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow) indicate that (even though in the past they were against it) would … Continue reading

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WhatDoesitMean.com 1-30-18… “Top Russian Spy Chief Summoned To Washington Told Trump Considering Mass Arrests”

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This points out how many of the so-called “awake liberal media” types are, by their own Tweets and anti-Trump rants and speeches, may very well be “Setting themselves UP to be taken DOWN”. Recall that, as I have seen it, … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow on 4-24-13… “A Lesson in How to ‘Push’ Disinformation”… (and Why I Have Stopped Watching Rachel, and Pretty Much Anyone Else, on MSNBC)

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[UPDATE: a note from AK: “You know, I don’t often watch MSNBC but I saw that last night, and I was just shellshocked at how blatant the propaganda is getting…. very sad day indeed… (KP response): Very “glad” day, I’d … Continue reading

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