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Trump calling out the MSM? (well, yes, apparently, “Big Time”)… (a 11-21-16 Politico, a DailyMail, and a NY Post)

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This has been “flying around” the tubes, and I checked the NY Post article (after finding it at RMN). But the NY Post was so “flamboyantly linguistic” (f-word) that I posted it on FB and asked for assistance to find … Continue reading

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Politico.com 7-4-16… “5 U.S. Independence Movements Inspired by Brexit”

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This article popped up somewhere on FB and it felt right to post this today, in particular since it includes Hawai’i. A reminder note about this is that Hawai’i (the Kingdom of Hawai’i, that is) would not need to secede … Continue reading

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A Pro-Obama post (sort of): Michael Grunwald, Politico.com 1-6-16… “The Nation He Built”

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Barack Obama has had quite the share of “anti-Obama” material printed about him, and I do not agree with all of his ideas (if they really are his ideas), but I feel this Politico piece (part of an “All Obama” … Continue reading

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