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Golden Age of Gaia, “Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, August 31, 2017 [8-31-17], through Valerie Donner”

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This one I ran across a couple days ago, and it seemed to ring a bell or two. So I post it. (And by the way, I’ve known since day 1 of meeting Mira that she was a Pleiadean. She … Continue reading

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4-2-12…‘Pleaidian Message: It’s GO Time!’ through Jen Freer

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Okay, so I’ve never heard of Jen Freer. I’ve heard of Pleiadeans, but not Jen Freer. As I read this, I noted she had some statements that went along with what I had been talking about with one of my … Continue reading

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Message from the Pleiadians…This Asks to Go Out Tonight… “Where We Are Headed”… “[Joy] is your Highest Guide”

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[UPDATE 2-25-12 0841 HST: A note to say that David Wilcock is here in Kona, Hawaii, doing a Convergence conference. He posted an update which is on this page of his blog. There is no mistake that he is here … Continue reading

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