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A particularly fascinating #QAnon (#Q) Post, 4-11-18… #1130… “‘Pentagon Kills LifeLog Project’ and Facebook starts the SAME DAY!” (2-4-2004)

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Well, fascinating to me, at least… This was pretty amazing. In Q post 1130, two images are shown (they appear to be smartphone screenshots). The image above (Q image link) has the date 2-4-04, and the one below, the Facebook … Continue reading

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Victurus Libertas 3-10-17… “VL’s Pentagon Insider Reveals All in a Q & A” (plus video)

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More potentially “shocking” news here (if you are in a mindset that is “shockable”). See if this resonates with you. As in the previous VL, I am certainly not surprised by any of this information. VL also made a video … Continue reading

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Jonas Alexis VT 10-2-16… “Pentagon paid firm millions of dollars to create false flag”

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As if we were not already aware of this, here is another piece in the “create terrorism with false flags” pie. And it reminds me of Ironman 3, where a man was “hired” to be the “evil terrorist”, and all … Continue reading

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Sherwood Ross VT 7-7-16… “Pentagon Research May Be Detrimental To Your Health”

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At first I wasn’t sure exactly what this article was about, but as I read further, I found it to be an interesting “connect the dots” piece about the ridiculously out-of-whack military-corporate-regulatory complex this “USA CORP” has become. In my … Continue reading

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VT 3-16-16… “Panic Reaches New Heights: ‘Russia, China Planning Space Attacks on US’” (Kp note: this title is NOT to be taken seriously)

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Military-Industrial complex “fear porn” perhaps best summarizes this piece. And the sentence below sums it up perfectly: “When asked by Breaking Defense how many of those were conducted by China or Russia, [Air Force Gen. John] Hyten, at the time, … Continue reading

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Sputnik News 12-4-15… “Pentagon Wasted Millions of Dollars on Luxury Afghan Villas”

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This just seemed too hilarious to keep of the blogging line. Talk about the excesses of the military industrial complex. “Need a luxury villa in Afghanistan? Just see your local Pentagon officer for a great deal! They’re more than happy … Continue reading

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Sputnik News 12-4-15… “State Department Mulls Scaling Back Anti-Daesh Propaganda Program”

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I’m posting this for a couple reasons. First it shows the absurdity of having such a program (and considering the millions of dollars spent on it and the reviews of it (yes, we DO have to fund Google and Twitter, … Continue reading

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Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino VT 8-16-14… “Reflections on the Pentagon: A 9/11 photographic review”

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This is an excellent review, in my view, of all the evidence from the Pentagon “hit” on 9-11-01. I post it in part because I just realized that we are now in what has become an annual phase prior to … Continue reading

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