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Kilauea_Eruption Update 6-28-18… “Two Videos illustrating the Massive Changes at Kilauea” (and one more with flowing lava)

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Not much to say here. I will say, even though I can enjoy the “data-spewing” coming from all the scientists, I would much prefer to hear more about what the Hawaiian-Lemurian-Pele connected poeple would say about what’s going on. I … Continue reading

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The Kilauea Eruption Updates 6-12-18… Big Island Video News… “After Lava Takes Home, Man’s Calming Message Unchanged” (and one more from Hawaii Civil Defense)

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Martin Blackwell’s message in the first video is from someone who is clearly connected with the energy and Spirit of Pele. This is what I would say is typical of all who are connected in this way. This is what … Continue reading

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Four Videos reflecting the Sacredness of this island… Videos 2-4… “The Honoring of Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea)”

These three are testimonies from Big Island kahuna before (I believe) Office of Mauna Kea management (OMKM), who are putting together new “rules” for improved “management” of Mauna Kea. That, to me, is another way of saying, “When anything goes … Continue reading

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Related to what was done yesterday… “Hawaiians Rebuke Lava Diversion Talk”

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Did you know that there is a lava flow here on the Big Island? It’s flowing from Pu’u ‘O’o to the east. Check out the first video to see the latest update, from 9-5-14. And you may read more here. … Continue reading

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What??? No Connection to Pele Anymore??

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The last message here talked about paradigms not fitting anymore. Like clothes that are too big, too small… We’ve moved on. One major point I real-ized yesterday, as I was on this “Caleb-listening” journey… There is NO connection to Pele … Continue reading

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Pele (Divine Feminine)… Comes in “Unusual” Ways…

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The feminine energy comes through in “unusual” ways sometimes. Pele is a representation of the strong feminine. She has been known to appear as an old lady, and how you treat this “old lady” really reflects how you are honoring … Continue reading

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Energy, Anyone?? Get Your Red Hot Here!!!

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I gave my Self (capital S) a trip to Kilauea 3 days ago (Kilauea Calder, in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Google, please)). Within that caldera is another smaller crater called Halema’uma’u. Three years ago, in March, 2008, part of the … Continue reading

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