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A Couple of Jon Rappoports (6-1-17, 6-2-17) about that delightful “US Pulling out of the Paris Agreements” Deal…

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According to what Jon writes in the first article below, there was nothing binding about the Paris Agreement (which is what I hinted at in this previous Kp blog post), because the US Senate did not approve it. The second … Continue reading

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Do you REALLY want to read about the “Paris Agreement”? Well, here’s a LOAD of References that I just looked at.

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I was just browsing through a few things, and I actually started reading the actual text of the Paris Agreement (also called the “Paris Accord”). I’m not making any deep evaluations here, but I’ll tell you, there is a lot … Continue reading

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A Natural News article and a Video about the Paris Accords… for information only…

Wanted to post before I leave on a SOOM (“Something Or Other Mission”). The more I view (and “sense”) about this, it appears to be a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” kind of a deal. The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE … Continue reading

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We’re out, baby!! (from that Paris Accord deal)… “President Trump Makes a Statement Regarding the Paris Accord” (6-1-17)

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All I will say here is that “This is BIG!!” Another nail in the coffin of the cabal (globalists, NWO types, dark ones). First withdrawal from the TPP, and now this. I’ve not had a chance (or desire) to read … Continue reading

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