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A “Holy Crap” Santa Fe Sunset photo (from Santa Fe Roger) 9-17-17

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. When I saw this, it was an amazing “popping out” experience! It felt to me as if it were saying that something “nuclear” is coming… (and no, not a thermonuclear explosion)… very likely a “Nuclear in impact” event. We … Continue reading

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Jim Dean VT 9-18-15… “Press TV: US Senate Democrats block amendment linking Iran agreement to Israel”

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This appears to be another indication that “the dark ones” have lost their grip on world events. Here’s a link to a related VT article from 7-30-15. “The Republicans have now won the Olympic Gold medal for groveling with their … Continue reading

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Washington Examiner 3-26-15… “Obama administration uses old Pentagon FOIA to out Israel’s nukes”

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Well, well… somehow this escaped my view (although I don’t believe I’ve ever checked the Washington Examiner before this). Actually, it’s because of the following VT article that it “showed up” to my eyes. [BTW: “FOIA” = Freedom of Information … Continue reading

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“Let’s Get (just a little bit) Nuclear”… Gordon Duff, Jim Dean VT 2-28-15… “So Busted: Netanyahu’s Nuclear “Monkey Boy” on Iran, David Albright”

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[Update: this related VT article by Jeff Smith just came out. I’m not posting that one.] This may not “appeal” to everyone, but I learned quite a bit as to why Iran can NOT have a “nuclear bomb” program. According … Continue reading

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“The US has Released a Bombshell”… Gordon Duff VT (and RT) 2-14-15… “Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Violation Doc Before Bibi Visit”

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I sense that this is a “Really BIG Time” revelation. The voice I heard inside myself was saying, “Wow!” Everything is coming together to a major peak, as I see it, and this may very well be a “last straw” … Continue reading

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