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How the #msm operates… “First, take any news story; then, insert proper ‘Orange Man’ chip”

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Loved this #NPC meme image, which I found at #NeonRevolt’s Gab page. It does (rather brilliantly) illustrate how msm operates. Of course, “CNN” may be freely interchanged with (pick one, or all): ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, Huffington Post…

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Neon Revolt Gab post 10-21-18… “The #NPC MEMES broke the AI Twitter was using to run their bot/influence network!!!”

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[Kp update +5 minutes after posting: sorry I forgot the image attached to this Gab post. I just added it.] This has got to be, if true, an absolutely hilarious result of the #NPC meme! (see this previous Kp blog … Continue reading

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The #NPC Pez Dispenser… (and how this #NPC meme can apply to each of us!)

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[Kp update: btw, “orange man” apparently refers to DJT.] Saw this on Mark Dice’ recent video. And although he is pointing out how it applies to what he calls “liberal lunatics”, it really applies very much to our inner lives … Continue reading

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What (the H—) is an #NPC? Jordan Sather explains… (and a couple hilarious ones I’ve found!)

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[Kp update: Infowars has this fascinating article about the NPC meme: “New NPC Memes Crash SJW Programming, Strikes Fear in Libs“.] Well, I was wondering about this #NPC deal I’d been seeing around here and there, particularly via Neon Revolt … Continue reading

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