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UFO’s Seen Everywhere During Soyuz Docking On NASA Ustream. (UFO News), 12-20-15

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Found this at Alexandra’s blog. Fascinating video. I especially like what some (namely, Me) might call, the “Dunkin’ Donut” UFO. Perhaps this is another part of the “incremental disclosure” which Corey and David have discussed. . https://youtu.be/ahkV3tMfF-w Published on Dec … Continue reading

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Stewart Ogilby 7-7-15… “Are Challenger’s Crew Members Alive?”

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This was too striking to pass up. I’ve heard of this before, and one of the “astronauts” was (is) from the Big Island. There’s a big long biography of the author at the very end of the original link. Part … Continue reading

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Finally… a Summary of [Why our Minds were Blown by] YFRT’s “The Lie NASA Told”

http://youtu.be/lVQ-CvWwMCQ Found this here. I actually watched this entire thing, and my way was to pause when each slide appeared, because there was no way I could read the whole slide in the short time it appeared. This goes along … Continue reading

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NASA Whistleblower… Image Hoaxster VIDEOS

I ran across these somehow, and just felt this was too “mind blowing” not to post. Especially in light of Yellow Rose for Texas’ videos (also the FB page). It’s fun to get one’s mind blown, as illusions get unveiled. … Continue reading

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More Disclosure Videos Related to the Last Post… Apollo Missions…

These videos are from LunaCognita’s YouTube page. Along with the last post, they provide a good start into learning about what has been covered up regarding the NASA moon exploration program. Besides the two displayed here, you may also wish … Continue reading

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