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“Eclipse of Disclosure”, August 18-21, with Corey Goode, and a “Cast of Cosmic Collaborators”, near Mt. Shasta (McCloud, actually)

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Okay, this has been floating around out there, and I felt it was time to post this here, in case some might wish to attend. This was posted on Sphere Being Alliance FB page, and has been updated along the … Continue reading

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Mt Shasta Secret Space Program Conference [8-27-16] – Corey Goode Presentation… VIDEOS

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I’m currently watching the beginning of Part 1. As you know, I was energetically involved in the mission at that time, and it began with my meeting Corey and the other participants at (Rob Potter-organized) Mount Shasta SSP conference. Published … Continue reading

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Goode Vlog 10-11-16… “Goode Vlog – Mount Shasta Secret Space Program Conference Guest Interview Compilation” (videos by Denny Hunt) (W.E.B alert*)

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[* W.E.B alert: This video contains a variety of W.E.B.s = “‘Weird’ Enlightened Beings”. If you are not comfortable viewing enlightened beings, especially “weird” ones, you may want to avoid this video. I personally loved it!] Some may enjoy this … Continue reading

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GOOD AUDIO VERSION “Live From Shasta” [8-25-16] w/Corey Goode [Michael Salla, Laura Eisenhower, Robert Potter]

https://youtu.be/F-17j88O_tM Also available on Spreaker. Justin has posted an article about this here. I am on the second half of the show. Published on Aug 29, 2016 Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/fulldisclosurenow/good-audio-version-live-from-shasta-w-co Looking Out From Within-Hosted by Yvonne Palermo & Justin Deschamps-Panel Interview … Continue reading

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WinnememWintu 7-6-15 (2015)… “Protecting Panther Meadows” [on Mt. Shasta]

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This relates closely to what was occurring on Mauna Kea at the same time last year. I also sense that it indicates that many people of native origin are not only waking up, but standing up for their sacred places. … Continue reading

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2015 Higher Dimensional Shift Conference, Mt. Shasta, 10-17-15

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This was announced via Tolec’s website. Details are below, excepting for directions, which may be accessed via the web page. A video detailing the conference is here. ———————————————– 2015 Higher Dimensional Shift Conference Conference specifics – Name: 2015 Higher Dimensional … Continue reading

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