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The #Alliance vs. the deep state… Is this where it stands right now? Waiting for the Big Fish to slap?

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The Alliance is John Cleese (on the left) (big fish)… the deep state is on the right (small fish). I really feel this is where it is at right now. And watch what happens to “deep state” at the end! … Continue reading

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This Department should be in ALL Governments… It will solve our problems, for sure…

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With all of the wasted government spending, this particular department (ministry) would undoubtedly put all of our tax dollors to work in a most effective and efficient and needed way. . https://youtu.be/IqhlQfXUk7w

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Monty Python… “Dead Parrot” (which may relate to the “Russia did it” paradigm)

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This is one of my favorite Monty Python sketches, and I felt it really pointed the finger at ALL old paradigms, being “Dead Parrots”. Especialy the “Russia did it” paradigm, which has been pushed for decades, and more recently, with … Continue reading

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The Crimson Permanent Assurance – (from Monty Python’s “The Meaning Of Life”)

. I just started a view of “The Meaning of Life” on Netflix, and saw this short that precedes the movie. It’s from 1983. I have a very STRONG feeling those guys (Monty Python) knew something about what would happen… … Continue reading

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A KP “LIBOR Addendum” to David Wilcock’s Article… VIDEOS, MP3s, DANCING, and Who Knows What Else…

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As I read David’s latest article, it was really quite a fun and enlightening read. David so masterfully pulls together all of the various links and articles and pdfs and everything in a very readable way. I’ve been watching this … Continue reading

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From American Kabuki…”Bird & Fortune on Silly Money Satirising the Absurdity of The Financial Crisis”… from November, 2008, no less…

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Thanks to American Kabuki for posting these fabulous videos (and that “fabulous” is pronounced in the most flamboyantly, emphatical way possible) by Bird and Fortune. These are from November, 2008. They apparently are from Great Britain, as you can guess … Continue reading

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