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#Q #QAnon 7-8-19… Q posts from today… #3353 – 3378″… “For [God and Country and] HUMANITY! Q+”

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Multiple Q posts started coming out today. So many that, before I started to write this up, I had to prepare some “Q drop coffee” (of the Kona type). The title is that from the latest Q drop, and it … Continue reading

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#Q #QAnon 5-12-19… Q posts from today… “BOOM WEEK AHEAD”

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Four Q posts came out this afternoon, as I was talking with another Light-type-worker. These point to a very important period of time where “stuff” will be coming out. We’ll see where this goes… One MOAB at a time. Highlights … Continue reading

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#QAnon (#Q) post 1296, 4-28-18… “BOOM week ahead”

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This particular Q post seemed significant, so I place it here. I sense that Korea (and those released and extremely redacted memos) were preliminary “booms”, but there is a much larger “BOOM” to come soon. Could this be the “MOAB” … Continue reading

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