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About President Barack Obama 2 of 2… Michael Ellegion 11-18-16… FaceBook post, “Obama”

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Another channeling by Michael Ellegion about Obama. I will tell you, that for me, also rings very “right on”. Additional information to add to that from the first one. Thanks to RW for posting this. [Kp note: FaceBook commenters are … Continue reading

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Rob Potter Interview of Michael El Legion, 4-7-16 (or, “Holy Crap… Rob’s been busy!”) AUDIO

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[Kp update: Michael comes in at about 15 minutes. Also, I’m finding the MixCloud player (below) very frustrating to use (I can go forward, but I can’t go backwards). So I’ve downloaded the MP3 and placed it at the bottom … Continue reading

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James Gilliland “interviews” Michael ElLegion & Laura Legere, As You Wish talk radio 6-13-15

https://youtu.be/zB0UiNXLe6E I say “interviews”, because it’s never really an “interview”, more of a discussion. Found this via GoodETxSG/Corey’s forum. The Blue Avians arre mentioned somewhere after 50 minutes. [Caution: Laura and Michael (and James) are not normal people. They are … Continue reading

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Message from Michael Ellegion 1-15-15… “Michael’s Profound Planetary Vision”

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BP2 brought this to my attention today, and I feel the message is significant, with all of the other messages coming in today, from Cobra, Lada Ray, Preston James, etc. “The “Science of Manifestation”, is when enough people are aware … Continue reading

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Email Message from Michael Ellegion… “National Geographic “Alien Invasion” Propaganda Show”

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Every so often I receive an email from Michael Ellegion (whose website is ChannelfortheMasters.com), which I usually don’t read. But I just got this one, and, behold, it aligns with other messages and information that points out the desperation of … Continue reading

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