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Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics.org 8-11-15… “Secret Mars Colonies Trade with up to 900 Extraterrestrial Civilizations”

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This addresses the latest GaiamTV episode, a special report about the Mars colonies and Corey’s recent journey there. Posting ~20% here, the rest may be read at the original article. ———————————————- Secret Mars Colonies Trade with up to 900 Extraterrestrial … Continue reading

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David Wilcock Update 6-22-15… “Gripping New Adventure as Space Program Insider Tours Mars Colony” (or, “Holy Crap… What a report about Corey’s Report!!”)

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As I reported earlier, I very much was “pulled in” to reading Corey’s latest report. And now, I’ve been equally “pulled in” to reading David’s report about Corey’s report. This just continues to keep growing and growing… the “Exposure/Disclosure”, that … Continue reading

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 6-22-15… “Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015” (or, “Holy Crap… What a Report!!”)

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This is an update from Corey’s blog. And what an update it is. I could not put this down. Fascinating story. Alos, SitsShow has posted this here, and Michael Salla has posted it here. Each of them include their own … Continue reading

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Cobra Update 3-19-15… “Chimera Situation Update”

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This article just came out from Cobra. ” Clearing of the Chimera group continues. What is remaining is the network of plasma implants… This implant network was slowly built throughout millions of years across this quadrant of the Galaxy by… … Continue reading

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Alfred Lambremont Weber 4-27-14… “Nikola Tesla re-started Earth’s Exopolitical communications with an intelligent civilization on Mars in 1901”

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This is quite an extensively researched article Alfred put out 2 days ago.. I’ve not read the full article yet, but it sure appears interesting. And a key insight into when the more modern extraterrestrial communications began (and perhaps yet … Continue reading

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2-17-12 Brett Stillings interviewed by Lisa Harrison… Travel to Mars (with and without a us-president-to-be), Time Travel, Teleportation (and who knows what else)

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“Brett Stillings finds it very difficult to discuss the topics covered in this interview and does his best to fight through the memory blocks and discomfort. He discusses his training during his youth by both his father and the Military … Continue reading

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