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Three Mark Dice Videos related to “Fake News”

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Okay, here’s a few Mark Dice videos that continue to demonstrate how the MSM twists and/or manipulates stories, photos, etc., to suit their “newsline” (usually, implying “Trump is bad”). Hilarious, as always. Kid Yells “Fake News” to CNN Reporter Live … Continue reading

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Mark Dice 4-3-17… “CNN (and a couple other MSMs) Interviews Fake Police Chief” (and how Howard Stern (and his okole) are the cause of many of the world’s disasters)

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Another absolutely hilarious (well, to me, at least) Mark Dice exposure example of how the MSM is very subject to putting things out there without checking out their “first-hand” sources. Apparently this one man (Captain Janks) has been doing this … Continue reading

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How Russia is assisting the Planet, 4 of 4… “Time to Roll the ‘Russian Dice’ (Mark Dice, that is)”

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These two Mark Dice videos I found particularly hilarious, and exposing of how the MSM is still trying to roll the “Russia Dice”. Excellent insights. . https://youtu.be/GmzeMBkHIOo Published on Mar 28, 2017 White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hilariously wrecked … Continue reading

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Why it is SO important that the MSM is “Called Out” BIG TIME for what it is… (via a couple of “Media Manipulation” videos from Mark Dice)

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These two videos are (once again, via Mark Dice) “hilariously” apocalyptic about the extent to which CNN, in particular, and the MSM, in general, have fallen. I do agree whole-heartedly with Mark that this should be called out again and … Continue reading

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John McCain… still living in the Cold War (“Russia is the devil in everything and everyone“) days…

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Get over it, John McCain… Holy Crap, is “Russia is behind everything” the only language you can use? I’m sure he is “controlled” big time, but for someone who appears to have been instrumental in starting and supporting Daesh (see … Continue reading

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More CNN anti-News… Mark Dice 3-14-17… “CNN Cuts Feed of Obamacare Victims Explaining Problems with Current Healthcare Laws”

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Related to this prior post, I found this quite hilarious. CNN seems to be the epitome of MSM propaganda, and info-censoring. They appear to be working quite “hard” at it. Another “rainbow finger” appears in this one. CNN Cuts Feed … Continue reading

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CNN = “Comedy News Network”? Sure looks like it… Mark Dice 3-8-17… “CNN Cuts Feed of Congressman After He Reveals Facts About Refugees”

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This one is absolutely hilarious!! Watch for the “CNN Rainbow” whenever they cut someone off. I guess instead of giving guests the “middle finger”, CNN gives them the “Rainbow finger”!! How wonderful! What I enjoyed about this one by Mark … Continue reading

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#Vault7… Three Videos about this “#Vault7 deal”… (David Seaman, Mark Dice, Alex Jones)

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[Note: this is related to this prior post.] Choose your flavor below. Of course, many of us have known about things like this. As David Seaman points out, however, how many BILLIONS (trillions?) of dollars have been spent by the … Continue reading

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EXCELLENT Mark Dice video EXAMPLE of how the MSM twists and manipulates a story… (and YOU (or me), the viewer!) (but only if you let them)

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This first one is an EXCELLENT example of how the MSM (Main Stream Media) twists and/or puts their own opinions and adds their own IMPLICATIONS out there as “actually what someone said and/or is”. In this case, it is the … Continue reading

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About that “Meryl Streep calls out Donald Trump” thing… a Mark Dice VIDEO analysis

https://youtu.be/9m7iA7QZBi4 You know, I’ve seen bits of several videos centered on this (I’ll reference a few at the end), but this fairly short one by Mark Dice lays it out pretty well. Ms. Streep made a reference to Mr. Trump … Continue reading

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