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Jon Rappoport 12-27-16… “Mainstream fake news: the devious limited hangout”

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Found this a fascinating story. And apparently typical of the manner in which THE USA CORP has been conducting “cabal type” business for the last several decades. Thanks to RMN for posting this one. “…I want to comment on one … Continue reading

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This “Snowden-Greenwald-Guardian-Assange-‘Veterans Today Exposure’-‘Limited Hangout'” Business… a Few Observations

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[Kp update-add-ons: I forgot to add that perhaps “the cabal” only try these “limited hangouts” when they are desperate. They know their “laundry” is being exposed, so they do a “limited laundry hangout” as a desperation measure. And perhaps it … Continue reading

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Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. 6-18-13… “How to Identify a CIA Limited Hangout Operation”

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This is an article posted by Webster Tarpley on his own website on 6-18-13. It does not appear to be the same one posted at VT (see this prior post). For myself, I feel it has been very helpful to … Continue reading

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Disclosure Update 1 of 2… Starship Earth 3-17-15… “Disclosure: The Chess Game Continues. Can You Find the Strategy?”

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This is quite the fascinating story from BP, via PRG (Paradigm Research Group). It relates to this prior post about President Obama appearing on Jimmy Kimmel. “Sometime prior to the CHI launch date Pres. Bill Clinton scheduled an appearance on … Continue reading

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