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Alexandra Meadors and Laura Legere 4-3-18… “Remaining Neutral Through The Alt-Media Wars – April 3, 2018”

https://youtu.be/VzJSfC_c8K0 [Kp note: I’ve not listened to the entire video (which starts into the information at 2:40), but the title felt right and the information I’m sure will be helpful to some. I’ve not particularly experienced things like they’ve described, … Continue reading

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Alexandra Meadors with Laura Legere 2-5-18… “OPEN HAILING FREQUENCIES: Check Mate!!!”

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This is a very fascinating (for myself, at least) conversation between two LWLs = Light Worker Ladies (I might add another W at the beginning… WLWL = “Weird” Light Worker Ladies). The conversations about their Light Work (or whatever you … Continue reading

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James Gilliland “interviews” Michael ElLegion & Laura Legere, As You Wish talk radio 6-13-15

https://youtu.be/zB0UiNXLe6E I say “interviews”, because it’s never really an “interview”, more of a discussion. Found this via GoodETxSG/Corey’s forum. The Blue Avians arre mentioned somewhere after 50 minutes. [Caution: Laura and Michael (and James) are not normal people. They are … Continue reading

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