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Keiser Report: Outlook for 2017 (E1013) with Gerald Celente (financial analyst) 12-31-16

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG7EdOL6s44 I found this one very helpful, particularly in regard to the upcoming Trump presidency. Gerald and Max talk about the various people he is bringing in, and how they might affect the world economy, and other things. I found … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Max Keiser 12-3-16… Some “Financial Stuff” and Piedmont Biofuels (in Pittsboro, North Carolina)

https://youtu.be/9qgKhZuCyYg This one I ended up listening to the whole piece, but the Piedmont Biofuels (FB page) part (in the second half) was very informative. Some may not be aware of this concept, but Max is taken through the entire … Continue reading

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