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Message from Judith Moore Group 6-11-14… “Azurite Encoding / Lemurian Message of Hope”

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Beverly sent this to me, and I felt the message was asking to be shared. ——————————————————- Dear 131313 Soul Group, At Judith’s request, Records of Creation is sharing this short transmission from our newest member, Kimberley Foster. Please take a … Continue reading

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Message from Judith K. Moore 1-8-13… “Extreme Solar Magnatism”

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This message was sent to me by Beverly, and I feel it goes along with this GaiaPortal posting from yesterday (“Solar Light has Seeded Fully the Light Body of Gaia”). Of course, Light manifests in many ways, including the magnetic … Continue reading

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Judith Moore, Sean Sands 1-31-12… Global Alert Intervention to Stabalize Core Magnetism of Earth

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I was sent this email message today (thanks to B) and I felt strong Guidance to put it out to all of you. Many of us know that the poles, magnetic, geographic, are moving, and this is a call for … Continue reading

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Judith Moore, Sean Sands, March 14, 2011…”Compassion Heals Karmic Cycles of Japan”

Just ran across this channeling by Judith K. Moore and Sean Sands. Felt it should be posted here. Here is a quote. “Japan will demonstrate to the world their resilience, their ingenuity and their love, and from Japan will come … Continue reading

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More about Judith Moore and the 131313…

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Steve Received this from MaryAnn, so I post it here, since it relates to my earlier post, “Message from the Galactic Cosmic Christ Councils of Light“. Here is the link to Steve’s page. Judith Moore: Star Brethren Stabilizing Extreme Chaos … Continue reading

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