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x22Report Spotlight 2-24-20… 2 VIDEOS… “…Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together, The Best Is Yet To Come… Who Has The Economic Magic Wand? Wait For It, Watch India”

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Received a lot of relevant information from these two x22 videos. . https://youtu.be/6227CBxvI98 Published 2-24-20 The [DS]/MSM are not being exposed every single day, they have no cover story and many are lashing out. All the exits are blocked, there … Continue reading

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Ecosnippets 8-6-16… “Monsanto Losing Millions As Farmers In India Rebel & Plant Indigenous Cotton Seed”

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As many countries increasingly seem to be willing now to stand up to Monsanto, and other biotech “giants”, freedom from bio-tyranny is being claimed. All in USA CORP land can feel relieved that many non-aligned (namely, non-aligned with THE CORP) … Continue reading

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Natural New 3-20-16… “Monsanto suffers week of devastating defeats as lawmakers back away from biotech influence and intimidation”

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Great news for people… not so great for Big-Ag companies like Monsanto. ” Monsanto may hold a near-monopoly on the world’s seed supply, but it cannot control the minds, hearts and voices of those who support and demand clean, healthy … Continue reading

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HuffPo 1-14-16… “Sikkim Is India’s First Fully Organic State”

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This seems to be a bit of positive news for the planet. Russia’s banned GMOs, other counrties are doing the same, and now Sikkim is fully organic. “Sikkim has become India’s first fully organic state by converting around 75,000 hectares … Continue reading

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Natural Society 5-4-15… “Thousands of Farmers in India Rise up Against Monsanto”

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With the recent articles about Kauai, I felt this fit right in with the “popular uprisings” in which humanity worldwide now appears to be actively involved. “…thousands of Indian farmers [are] demonstrating against Monsanto and their biotech cronies in a … Continue reading

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Obama…Laying the “BRIC” of a New Foundation…

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There were a few parts of President Obama’s January 25th State of the Union address that stood out for me. But one strongly resonated: “This March, I will travel to Brazil…” So what’s so special about that? In July, 2009, … Continue reading

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