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Kp Note(2) 1-27-19… “More about the Kobe / Illuminati connections” (DailyMotion “Kobe Bryant Illuminati commercial, ties to Satan exposed”)

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Related to the prior Kp blog post, some may wish to view this video about the Illuminati / sports figures connections. Does this apply to Kobe Bryant? Sure looks like it. All I’ll add here about this is, “Stay in … Continue reading

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Kp Note 1-27-20, regarding the “Corona Virus” and “Death of Kobe Bryant” (and WTHKWE*)“Sounds like Fear Porn OTW** to me”

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[Thanks to reader SK, here is a link to the first Jon Rappoport article.] Here’s the deal. I don’t really have any “this or that feeling” about either of those things. All I know is, this is all “Cabal Fear … Continue reading

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Another “Curiosity” about the 9-27-18 Hearings… Michael Snyder, PrisonPlanet.com 9-28-18… “The Arch Of Baal Was Put Up In Washington D.C. One Day Before Brett Kavanaugh Testified To Congress”

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Well, this whole show just keeps getting more and more amazing. Just found this via RMN. This article is from PrisonPlanet.com. And it is certainly another “curiosity” that can go along with other “curiosities”, which were pointed out in this … Continue reading

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How to (attempt to) Steal an Election, NWO-in-France style… “Send out twice as many ballots for the candidate you want to win, and tear the ballots of the candidate you want to lose”

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Wow! It really looks very clear that the election in France was stolen for the “Diacritical Mark” (Macron). How in your face can it get? There it is. This appears to be (at least part of) what happened in France. … Continue reading

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French Elections… The Macron (“Diacritical Mark”) wins… Illuminati Symbolisms (“Marks”) abound!!

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[Update: I added a clearer image of Macron below the pyramid with eye (from 09:04).] Apparently the Macron DM (Diacritical Mark) won (was “appointed”?) by a large margin. So along the way today I saw this video (“All seeing eye” … Continue reading

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Super Bowl LI (that’s “51”)… “A Very “Illuminati-ating” Event”

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[Kp add-on 1: talk about “Illuminati-ating”… Bush, Sr. did the opening coin toss… from his wheelchair.] Holy crap, for some reason, I felt drawn to watch this show… the full halftime show. Not live, of course. So I started my … Continue reading

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Stillness in the Storm 11-7-16… “MSM Disclosure? — National Geographic: Meet the Man Who Started the Illuminati | Whitewash of History”

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[Kp note: all of the images here may be viewed at Justin’s site. I had to delete them as they were taking up a huge amount of memory in my media library.] This one, posted by Justin, to me indicates … Continue reading

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Ascension with Earth 6-7-16… “Historic News – The 13 (Illuminati) Black Nobility Families Surrenders To Humanity on June 6, 2016” (or, “What in God’s name is a ‘Pindar’?”))

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[Kp note: somewhere along the line I was moved to check “Hank Meijer“, and it appears he is the CEO of Meijer corporation.] I’d heard about this from someone, and there is nothing I can personally verify or validate. However, … Continue reading

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David Wilcock 5-6-15… “Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure!”

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Here it is!!! David’s new article. And this is only Part 1 of 2… I have read this while lying on my side in bed (at 4 AM), and I could not get back to sleep, so I presume that … Continue reading

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David Wilcock Comment on Ben Fulford’s Latest

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Just noticed that this came out from David (fortunately… because there’s no way I’d want to miss any “Madonna news”). Here’s a couple of High Lights (including Madonna one). “I feel the Sony hack is from the Alliance and lines … Continue reading

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Here it is folks… David Wilcock 1-13-12… “FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time”

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David said he will be dynamically updating this article, so I will just post the first couple paragraphs and link to the rest. I do refer you to this blog’s earlier post about “Hutz” (David Hutzler). The first part of … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford, 10-18-11…”Rothschild family offers White Dragon Society $25 trillion to ‘go away'”

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Okay, folks, I read this as I was lying sideways in my bed, at about 8 AM, so maybe that’s how my brain was reading this one. This looks like such a soap opera, from what Ben is saying, and … Continue reading

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From Steve Beckow…”The Fall of the Illuminati Appears Near”

This was a very timely article from Steve. He has collected pieces from several articles that indicates that yes, indeed, “The Fall of the Illuminati Appears Near.” An excellent summary of the whole scenario that is unfolding at this time, … Continue reading

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Update from David Wilcock on his last Article…Well Worth Reading…

This latest update from David on his last article could be an article all by itself. It discusses some details around the “bin Laden assassination”, as well as what the Illuminati’s purposes were in bringing the “bin Laden” into their … Continue reading

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