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#Q #QAnon 2-26-19… Two (possibly significant) Q posts … (one related to the earlier David Wilcock synchronicity I had)

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Mentioned in this earlier Kp blog post, I experienced a strong (to me, at least) synchronicity while viewing David talking about “big things coming up”, as indicated by his dream data (at 34:44 of the video), as it connected (to … Continue reading

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Natasha V. commentary VIDEO 2-18-19… “How Nancy Pelosi Got ‘Trumped’ In Rigged Border Wall Bill Just Signed”

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I liked how Natasha went through the House appropriations resolution recently passed and signed by DJT, H.J.Res. 31 (Bill text; Joint Explanatory Statement), and Trump’s response statement. As I mentioned in this Kp blog post, “The deep state is not … Continue reading

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#Q #QAnon 2-16-19… A Couple of Q posts from 2-16-19… “Things are getting done (baby!!)”

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There’s a lot of items happening that are indicating that, one step at a time, “the cabal” (deep state) is being dismantled. These few posts show that even though the deep state US House tried to load the appropriations resolution … Continue reading

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