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Benjamin Fulford Typepad 7-6-17… “Sounds like “American Lawyer” and David Crayford have provided a missing link for me in this article” (or, “Holy Crap… 3 BFs in 3 days!”)

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This is the third of the three Ben Fulfords that just came out of the closet. The first two were posted here. “…we almost never see a face to the ones who think they are the sole signatory to the … Continue reading

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Two recent posts from Benjamin Fulford (4-18-17)… “Henry Kissinger spotted at Florida military base trying to start World War 3” and “Would be patsy for fake Muslim terror attack in US asks for protection”

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These are both quite short, so I post as is, with my own highlights in bold. I feel it is significant that Benjamin is trying to help one person who has refused to do the bidding of the cabal. ————————————————————– … Continue reading

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Lada Ray Webinar to be held Saturday, 2-4-17, 4PM EST

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Some may have an interest in this. I am simply going to post a link to one of her posts about it. I’m sure it will be fascinating. I chose to do this, in part, to support Lada’s work (at … Continue reading

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Jim Dean VT 2-5-16… “Kissinger Outlines New Vision for Russia-US Relations”

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There was an earlier article at RT (thanks to Pablo for sending), which basically seemed to just say in a very “nice” way, “Hey, Kissinger visited Putin, and they talked about things.” Personally, I do not right away “trust” anything … Continue reading

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