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Patriot Intel Report 3-25-19… “GCR Trigger Activated!”

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I mentioned this video in the last post, and noted that the submission of the “Mueller Report of ‘No collusion’” has been pointed to as the trigger for the global currency reset. This person goes into what this means and … Continue reading

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Donald Trump 2-10-17, Message regarding currencies… “Very much sooner than [many] think… We will be all at a level playing field”

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It appears that this was more pointed towards Asian currencies, but it may very well be related to what many feel is going to happen, namely, a GCR (Global Currency Reset) and/or the (in)famous, RV (ReValuation) of certain currencies. I … Continue reading

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Message about the GCR, RV, Reset (and whatever else “world financial stuff” you might throw out there), from a “Goat”…

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Usually I will not post these types of articles, but I found this (emailed to me by Ginger) very helpful, about the entire process involved. Supposedly Ms. Mtn. Goat has some expertise and experience in this arena. At least, from … Continue reading

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