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Lucas Nolan, Breitbart.com 9-20-18… “Social Media Platform Gab to Silicon Valley: ‘You Will Be Replaced’”

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In this short article, Lucas Nolan talks with Gab CEO Andrew Torba. Surely more and more and more people are going to alternative social media sites, as the major ones (Twitter, Facebook, Google) are tending more and more towards throttling … Continue reading

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Gab.com 10-10-18… “Gab.com Cited by Google as a Threat to Their Censorship Plans”

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Well, I noticed this earlier this morning, and since I joined Gab.ai (now Gab.com) several months ago, I am finding it more and more useful and and “information-providing”. Many have moved to Gab, and I believe that they are likely … Continue reading

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Kp note about Kp Blog sharing sites… FB, Twitter, MeWe, Gab.ai, OnStellar…

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I’ve tried a few different sharing options, and I’ve found that the ones I’m using now are the most compatible with my energy. These are: FaceBook Twitter MeWe Gab.ai OnStellar The first two are “automatic” sharings (when a Kp blog … Continue reading

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Just a Note… I’m Posting again at Gab.ai/kauilapele… (and a link to social media alternatives)

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For some time I have not been posting links at the Kp Gab.ai page. Gab.ai is an alternative to Twitter. When I put up a blog post, it automatically connects and posts at the Kp FaceBook page and the Kp … Continue reading

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[Gab.ai] “New Twitter Alternative Creates Platform For Opposing Views”… Alex Jones Channel 4-22-17

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Some may recall that I started a Gab.ai account a few months ago (see this Kp blog post), as an alternative to Twitter. I learned about it by listening to David Seaman, who rather raved about it, and the fact … Continue reading

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Kp Message 3-1-17… New Video and Social Media sites…

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I’ve been “playing” with a few alternative media and social media sites, and I’m still figuring out which I might regularly use. I also wanted to have some alternatives in case the “standard” ones (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube) get overbearingly advertised, … Continue reading

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