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Mark Wauck, American Thinker 10-10-18… “Trump, Declassification, and Leverage”

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Well, I was listening to CIR’s (Katie G’s) latest video/podcast, and she mention this article, that it explained a lot about all the Rosenstein, Mueller, DECLAS, etc., etc., etc., business. I agree. I usually don’t spend much time in these … Continue reading

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A Very Illuminating 2-7-18 VIDEO… “Lionel Interviews Dr. Jerome Corsi on #QAnon, The Spy Carter Page, FISA Abuse, Treason and Sedition”

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So many points were made in this video, I included it in the last post, and now felt it should be posted separately. Besides the FISA memo, etc., etc., points, Dr. Corsi compared Q, et al, to those in the … Continue reading

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CNN Reacts to the Nunes FISA Memo…

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. This is clearly a “made up” image. But I got a laugh out of this. From this recent Kp blog post (and this WDiM).

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It’s out… 2-2-18, a Few Videos, etc., on #FISAMemo #ReleasetheMemo #ForGodsSakeReleasetheMemoSoWeCanStopSeeingTheHashtagReleasetheMemo”

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Well finally this thing is out and about. First of all, here are two links to the memo itself, as released by “the government”: Intelligence.house.gov; House.gov. And heere’s a Scribd link and a collection of jpeg screenshots of it. This … Continue reading

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