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Kp Radio Hawaii 12-4-16… “Fear Porn… (and maybe some other things, too)”

Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/12/04/kp-radio-hawaii-12-4-16-fear-porn-and-maybe-some-other-things-too Talked about (among other things): Fear porn about election, other things. Out there in here. Lots going on in background. Turn towards the Light. Fear porn on both sides. Venting of fears. Out in the open. Fear … Continue reading

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VT 3-16-16… “Panic Reaches New Heights: ‘Russia, China Planning Space Attacks on US’” (Kp note: this title is NOT to be taken seriously)

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Military-Industrial complex “fear porn” perhaps best summarizes this piece. And the sentence below sums it up perfectly: “When asked by Breaking Defense how many of those were conducted by China or Russia, [Air Force Gen. John] Hyten, at the time, … Continue reading

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Kp Message 1-31-16… “Is it time for all of us to join FPA?” (Fear Porn Anonymous)

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You know, I see some of these internet-type postings, mostly on FaceBook, these days. And it’s really a bit challenging to read it all. Everything is going to “kill us, or maim us, or harm us, or change our DNA … Continue reading

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A Counterpoint to the article, “Treason on Mauna Kea: TMT Military Mission Concealed” (and why I see NO evidence to support using that title)

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I’ve seen this article posted all over FaceBook and on many of the Mauna Kea FB groups. From the website, waronwethepeople.com. The website name tells much of it, for me at least. “War on We the People”. Well, I do … Continue reading

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 5-23-15… A Couple of FaceBook Posts

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Here’s a couple of posts that seemed of interest. The video is quite amazing, how it depicts the sphere craft as being destructive. Clearly a “fear porn” narrative. ————————————————– FB Post 1 [Corey] I was told that the Order Of … Continue reading

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