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A particularly fascinating #QAnon (#Q) Post, 4-11-18… #1130… “‘Pentagon Kills LifeLog Project’ and Facebook starts the SAME DAY!” (2-4-2014)

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Well, fascinating to me, at least… This was pretty amazing. In Q post 1130, two images are shown (they appear to be smartphone screenshots). The image above (Q image link) has the date 2-4-04, and the one below, the Facebook … Continue reading

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Facebook defines the word “Bullshit”, as illustrated in this Fox News interview with Diamond and Silk (4-9-18)

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Diamond and Silk are two that I occasionally love to listen to. Straight up, you know where they stand, and definitely no BS. Facebook at one point earlier this month deemed their FB page “unsafe for the community”. The “bullshit” … Continue reading

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A Couple of theGuardian.com articles about “the Facebook” and a thing called “Cambridge Analytica” (from 3-17-18 & 3-20-18)

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I’m posting only the linked titles and a few highlights from each. This is apparently quite a BIG APOCALYPTIC DEAL which most who are awake and aware were likely very suspicious was going on, all the time (#Snowden, 2013, remember?). … Continue reading

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Kp Message 3-1-17… New Video and Social Media sites…

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I’ve been “playing” with a few alternative media and social media sites, and I’m still figuring out which I might regularly use. I also wanted to have some alternatives in case the “standard” ones (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube) get overbearingly advertised, … Continue reading

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A note to all who view the Kp blog Facebook feed…

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I am temporarily allowing only my FB Friends to view those posts. I’m going to likely start “weeding” through the entire list. Anyway, the energies have “riled up” enough to where I am setting the priority of “protecting” the Kp … Continue reading

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Tony Cartalucci NEO 12-24-14… “Facebook: Colonialism 2.0”

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Interesting post by Tony. Since probably most of us here are FB users, it might help some to know the full extent of what FB actually does, and what is their intent. In spite of the “dire” implications in some … Continue reading

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