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So what’s going on with this Macron-Trump picture???

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During the recent Macron state visit to the US, this image was taken on the White House balcony. I mean… come on, Emmanuel Macron. Looks like two Illuminati hand signals to me. Probably telling his handlers that he’s still loyal … Continue reading

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Richie Allen Show 5-9-17, with Stewart Swerdlow… “Rothschild Man Emmanuel Macron was Groomed By His Wife Who Is Now His Handler””

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This is a video I felt “wanted” to be up here. Not only is it an “exposure” of the Macron “election”/selection, but he also presents many aspects of the Trump family, and his statements about Ivanka, et al., that may … Continue reading

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How to (attempt to) Steal an Election, NWO-in-France style… “Send out twice as many ballots for the candidate you want to win, and tear the ballots of the candidate you want to lose”

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Wow! It really looks very clear that the election in France was stolen for the “Diacritical Mark” (Macron). How in your face can it get? There it is. This appears to be (at least part of) what happened in France. … Continue reading

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French Elections… The Macron (“Diacritical Mark”) wins… Illuminati Symbolisms (“Marks”) abound!!

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[Update: I added a clearer image of Macron below the pyramid with eye (from 09:04).] Apparently the Macron DM (Diacritical Mark) won (was “appointed”?) by a large margin. So along the way today I saw this video (“All seeing eye” … Continue reading

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Lada Ray FT 4-21-17… “The Plot Thickens! Who’ll Win French Presidential Election: Marine Le Pen, Macron, Fillon or Melenchon?”

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This article by Lada Ray goes along with this prior Kp blog post. From Lada’s information (and this InfoWars video) it appears that Macron is the “young and dashing” Rothschild shill, who, perhaps similar to Justin Trudeau, may be “A … Continue reading

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RT 4-23-17… “French election 2017: Macron and Le Pen advance to presidential run off” (plus one more) (or, “How do you choose between a writing instrument and a diacritical mark???))

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[Kp note: although I’ll likely post this separately at some point, some may wish to read Lada Ray’s read on the French elections, particularly her quantum calibrations of each candidate.] Well, that end bit came after I looked up the … Continue reading

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