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Hold the Light FOR Syria and Hold Syria IN the Light, 5 of 3 (ok, 5 of ?)… “ANOTHER whole LOAD of Videos about the Syria situation”… Bix Weir, Steve Pieczenik, Robert David Steele

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Here are three more videos which have “entertained” today. Thanks to the many viewers who have sent suggestions to me (very grateful for those). Of these three, I found the Bix Weir one to be the most “mind opening”, which … Continue reading

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Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones 1-3-17… “Update on the State of USA Revolution”

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This is an edited version of the full video from Alex Jones, which aired 1-3-17. I found this extremely useful as a piece of information about what is occurring with this massive political transition in the US (and the planet) … Continue reading

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Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones, 12-17-16… “We Did The Counter-Coup Through E-mails And Assange”

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I just finished listening to this, and found it very encouraging, particularly about why Mr. Trump has selected various people for his cabinet. Perhaps it will help allay some people’s “fears about the Trump”. I found it very telling that, … Continue reading

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TruthEarth.org 11-7-16… “Intel Update from Corey Goode, Cabal Fleeing to Antarctica and Other Locations!”

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This piece by TruthEarth.org I very much appreciated as it puts two of Corey’s updates together. These are the same two articles which I posted here and here. However, I missed the “This is indeed coming from a major military/ … Continue reading

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