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One video after another video after another… 2 of 5… “170802 Galactic Intel Show with Dr Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn”

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I listened to most of this, and the part I found helpful is that KD points out Trump is the final president of the USA CORP (and is not president of the US Republic). And there were a couple other … Continue reading

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Wolf Spirit Radio with Dr. Sam Mugzzy 6-21-17… “170621 QHS Kent Dunn” (or, “How much KDD (Kent Dunn Data) can YOU handle??)

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Dr. Sam Mugzzi interviews and heals (all at the same time, mind you) Kent Dunn. As in the prior video, Kent gives a variety of information and answers many of Dr. Mugzzy’s questions about… stuff. I’m presuming QHS = Quantum … Continue reading

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Max Steel & Kent Dunn, on The Quantum Shift (hosted by Dr Sam Mugzzi), 1-3-17… “Star Wars, Global Liberation, Pindar, Underground bases, Freemasons, Annunaki, Clones, Pleiadian Healing Machines, Healing Frequencies”

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The main recommendation I give to those who feel drawn to listen to this, “Keep an open mind else it may be ‘blown’ (open, that is)”. That being said, I have listened to some of Kent Dunn’s intel from time … Continue reading

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