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Dave Janda 10-9-18… “Trump’s Three-Stage Assault on the Deep State” (and a “Rule of Law Reset”)

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I’m only posting videos that have had an Inner IMPACT on my mind, and have helped contribute, in some way, to my own conscious awareness about what’s going on, in front of and behind the scenes. I like Dave Janda’s … Continue reading

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Greg Hunter 9-8-18… “Dave Janda – Deep State Unhinged – EMP Attack Possible”

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I found that this Greg Hunter/Dave Janda conversation really goes well with the latest David Wilcock article. They bring light to a number of items happening right now, including the Kavanaugh hearings, the 51,000 sealed indictments, etc., etc. Dave Janda … Continue reading

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Dave Janda 7-31-18… “Trump – Putin Truth Bombing The Deep State” (an explanation of the Browder-Magnitsky deal)

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Putin called out the operations of Bill Browder’s companies in (as I understand it) illegally earning money in Russia, and funneling $400 million to the Clinton campaign (see this prior Kp blog post). Dave Janda explains more about this in … Continue reading

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Greg Hunter VIDEO 3-25-18… “Dave Janda – Restoration of Rule of Law Will Blow Globalist System Apart” (plus related USAWatchdog.com article)

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I’ve placed the video at top plus a couple highlights from the article. I’m finding Dave Janda’s insiders’ information very interesting and fascinating and illuminating and (add your own adjectives!). There is a lot of connecting of dots about Korea … Continue reading

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Greg Hunter 1-16-18… “Arrests & Prosecutions Coming for Elite – [Dr.] Dave Janda” (plus a note about the Hawaii missile)

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This video was mentioned by Dr. Salla in his recent article. I very much enjoyed listening to the variety of topics that were covered in this, particularly the implications of the Inspector General’s report to Congress (I’d not heard of … Continue reading

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