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So what’s all this about a “Missing Dog Named GUMBO”?? Deep state codings, it seems… (via Bill Smith News, 6-7-19)

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[Kp update: this WDiM has a number of links to recent “suicides”, etc., and may be helpful for the links it contains.] This one “struck pretty strongly to post, as it shows a) one way the deep state (Democrat) is … Continue reading

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If you want to get “Charged Up”, this Alex Jones may be for you…

I watched this last night, and tuned in with his energy about “things really happening”. I’m sure many are feeling this right now (caveat: a rare f-word may be present). . https://youtu.be/Y6NretLhLW8

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Jordan Sather (11-4-17) provides more info about the “Q Clearance sale”… “Storm Update – 4chan/Saudi Arabia/Podesta/Brazile/False Flags”

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[Kp update: I corrected the Jordan shirts link which apparently led to a “phishing alert. Thanks to SB for that one.] There are “things going on”. Something is happening. Visibly. Related to these recent Kp blog posts, 11-3-17 Kp post, … Continue reading

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A Sean Hannity (Fox), Cenk Uygur (Young Turks), and a NY Post comment about the Donna Brazile revelations…

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One reason for the first one is that it includes a couple of video snips from Trump’s campaign comments about DNC rigging, and also Elizabeth Warren’s comments about the Donna Brazile article. The second is from the alternate view site, … Continue reading

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ZeroHedge (via Politico) 11-2-17… “‘A Shocking Truth: Donna Brazille Accuses Clinton Campaign Of “Rigging” Primary”

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[Kp note: According to brazileassociates.com, Donna’s last name is “Brazile”, not Brazille (even though the ZeroHedge article has it spelled that way).] This certainly feels like a BIG piece being unveiled about the DNC and all the “sneaky” ways the … Continue reading

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