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A Sean Hannity (Fox), Cenk Uygur (Young Turks), and a NY Post comment about the Donna Brazile revelations…

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One reason for the first one is that it includes a couple of video snips from Trump’s campaign comments about DNC rigging, and also Elizabeth Warren’s comments about the Donna Brazile article. The second is from the alternate view site, … Continue reading

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ZeroHedge (via Politico) 11-2-17… “‘A Shocking Truth: Donna Brazille Accuses Clinton Campaign Of “Rigging” Primary”

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[Kp note: According to brazileassociates.com, Donna’s last name is “Brazile”, not Brazille (even though the ZeroHedge article has it spelled that way).] This certainly feels like a BIG piece being unveiled about the DNC and all the “sneaky” ways the … Continue reading

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George Webb and Rebekah Roth… “Two of the Unveilers and Unravelers of the Seth Rich, Clinton Foundation, et al., deals”

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Okay, I’m posting two videos here. As far as “the unraveling” (of the “cabal”, “dark ones”, etc., agendas), these two seem to be on the front lines. George Webb has been mentioned from time to time by Jordan Sather, and … Continue reading

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Jim Stone 5-29-17… “The answer to why Seth Rich was killed, and why he gave to Wikileaks is now out”

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This explains a lot of things about “the election”, both the DNC primary, and in the Presidential election. Though Trump won the required number of electoral votes, I was very surprised that he “fell short” of HRC in the popular … Continue reading

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A Couple of Natural News (12-10-15, 12-15-16) about “The Russian Hacks”

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The whole “Russian hacking the election” deal appears to be falling apart. I’ve also seen one video that purports several MSM type media, including Washington Post, have retracted their original “Russia hacked election” articles… as yet I’ve been unable to … Continue reading

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Hal Turner World News 7-28-16… “Claim: Bernie Sanders Physically Beaten-Up at Democrat Convention – Quits Democrat Party today!”

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[Update: someone sent a link to a possibly related story which may be of interest (but which also may or may not be true): Putin: Hacked Emails Reveal That Clinton Threatened Sanders’ Wife.] Saw this a few days ago, and … Continue reading

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Three Lada Rays (Futurist Trendcast) about that US Election-Convention-Hillary-Trump-Bernie Business

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Actually, I really don’t like paying any attention to these things. However, these three pieces by Lada Ray (which I’ve titled and highlighted below) may be of interest to some. Sometimes I feel this whole current selection-election process is so … Continue reading

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Funny Business in the DNC? (what a surprise!)… NY Post 7-22-16… “Leaked emails show how Democrats screwed Sanders”

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Well, what a surprise. It appears the DNC (Democratic National Committee)(and “the media”) was only intending for Hillary. I believe the second article below has the more “fascinatingly apocalyptic” (unveiling) information. I’m posting links and highlights from these two articles. … Continue reading

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